In order to conform to the High Power Airsoft™ high quality standards the HPA™ BB’s are made with stringent quality control measures. Our proprietary ingredients enhance the biodegradation of HighPowerAirsoft™ Enhanced Biodegradable BB in a  biologically active landfill (appropriate facilities not available in all areas). An independent test that represent biologically active landfill effects on our products have  shown up to 25.6% adjusted biodegradation in 358days. Results may vary based on environmental conditions. The HPA™ BB’s are the only enhanced biodegradable BB’s who’s enhanced biodegradation process has been tested by a U.S. accredited laboratory, while being produced to conform to the biodegradable process approved by the USA Department of Natural Resources, WA. 


 We talked about the enhanced biodegradability of the HPA™ . What about the quality and the shape of the sphere? The dimensions and tolerances? The High Power Ammo also conform to the ISO standard of Rolling bearings — Balls — Dimensions and tolerances; ISO 32902001 G3. This is the highest industry standard of rolling bearings! This means our ammo is perfectly round, homogeneous resin (without air bubbles) and very precise dimensions. This makes the High Power Airsoft ammo perfect for (FOF) Training, competition shooting, and use in precision barrels ensuring our products will not cause any damage to your  non marking training weapons. You can download and buy more information on the ISO 3290-2001 standard over at the website of the International Organization of Standardization ( www.iso.org).  This enables High Power Airsoft to produce a true ”Point Of Aim Point Of Impact”  ”High Precision Ammo”.